Should we change our name?

I personally apologize for not keeping this site up to date. A lot has been going on in my work and personal life that has kept me away. I was recently happy to see more people have filled out our Continue reading Should we change our name?

A new vision for the Internet, Part 1.

It is difficult to convey how I think the Internet should change, without some basis of comparison. Instead of explaining all the small incremental changes that I think should happen, I’ll tell you some short(ish) stories instead. These stories are about people who live in the new world we can create together, a few years into the future. These stories are not intended to be apocryphal or utopian in any way — just normal people dealing with common life changes. This is the story of Marie’s big move.
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The Economics of Sharing

I. The benefits of sharing.   On the Internet, sharing is a solved problem. The Tier-1 backbone providers all save time and money for their international bandwidth via “peering agreements” — contracts that say network traffic will be freely exchanged Continue reading The Economics of Sharing